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Whatever your project, you should find your happiness. It is also important to note that these models are designed by professionals so that the final result remains harmonious. It is thanks to templates that anyone, even inexperienced, can create a professional looking website easily. site creation software

Customize background and shape

Once the template is selected, it’s time to take care of customizing it. Indeed, the text, colors, images and layout can be changed according to your preferences. For this, Hostinger offers a very easy to use editor, which allows you to see the rendering of your actions in real time. In the field of the web, we speak of the “wysiwyg” format (what you get is what you see). This is also the whole point of starting from a model and choosing a site editor like Hostinger. The tool is very accessible.

Hostinger has the particularity of offering a web editor that is very easy to use. The design grid, which appears as soon as you click on an element, makes it easier to align them while respecting a certain symmetry. To change the location of an element (text, image, button, etc.), simply select it while holding down the left mouse click. Then release at the desired location. Nothing more intuitive.

Hostinger site editing tool

Overview of the Hostinger web editor interface The page is split into different sections for ease of creation. The Hostinger editor also integrates artificial intelligence tools (logo maker, heatmap, auto-editor) and multilingual options to translate your site into multiple languages. A blog section and online store are also available.

Define your domain name

The domain name is the name of a site. It is an important aspect that defines its identity. It is therefore wise to choose a coherent domain name, ideally related to your activity. If you plan to sell online, this may be the name of the brand, company, product or service being offered for sale. Also remember that the domain name is often associated with a professional email address, such .

 All the more reason to think about it.

Reserving a domain name through a site builder (like Hostinger) does not require any technical knowledge. Everything can be done directly from your personal space.

You will have to choose the domain name and the associated extension). Note that the price varies according to the extension. Then Hostinger will tell you if the domain name you want is available. If so, a simple click is all it takes to register and purchase it. Indeed, remember that the domain name is paid. Generally, the reservation is made on a yearly basis. Moreover, by subscribing to the plan to take advantage of the Hostinger website builder, the first year will be free.

Put your site online

When the layout suits you and your domain name is reserved, congratulations! It only remains for you to take the final step by publishing your site, that is to say by making it visible on the internet. This can be done from the web editor, by clicking on “Go live” (or “Publish” according to the editors). You can then find your site on search engines by typing the right keywords.

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