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website-creation-softwareThe choice of software depends strongly on your knowledge, the CMS mentioned above do not require too much technical knowledge, but it is still advisable to have a minimum of knowledge of the web. If you really know nothing about HTML, CSS, programming language and you don’t know which one to choose, the easiest solution

will be to choose SiteBuilder Pro . SiteBuilder Pro is a site creation software specially adapted for the beginner. As powerful as Wix for example, you create your website while dragging and dropping. You have many features to create a contact form, create a small online store, link your social networks to your site, etc.

Create a site with a clear tree structure

The navigation of your site must be as simple as possible so as not to lose your Internet users and prevent them from leaving your site from the home page. User experience is a term that is rarely discussed but which is essential for the success of a website . If your visitor is lost in the navigation or does not immediately find the answer to his question, he may leave immediately.

This is why you must pay attention to your navigation and the organization of your website . The design is also a key element, the simpler the navigation and the cleaner the design of the site, the longer your user will stay. Avoid colors that attack it from the start,everything must be harmonious and structured.

Also remember to make your site responsive , so that it adapts to any type of medium. A site that does not adapt to mobile or tablet is a site that misses more than half of its visits!

Here are some basic recommendations for making your site tree clear :

If your pages are long, it is important that your visitors have the possibility of returning to the top of the page in 1 click.

Internal links will allow you to keep your users longer on your site

5 – Referencing your website in search engines

You now know how to make your site professional and make it a success! But all these efforts will be useless if your website is not referenced! What does it mean ?


Natural referencing allows you to ensure that your website appears in the best results of search engines such as Google or Bing for example. This step is essential for your site to be seen! With site creation software such as WordPress or SiteBuilder Pro it is very easy to optimize your SEO . Indeed, WordPress offers plugins like Yoast SEO for example to optimize its website. SiteBuilder Pro also offers this functionality to customize the titles, meta description of your site.

Also remember to optimize your site, and this starts with optimizing your files: images, videos, they must be as light as possible to increase your page loading speed.

You can also opt for paid referencing called SEA .

With Aa-Hébergement, you benefit from a bonus coupon of 75€ Google AdWords for the purchase of web hosting. This allows you to create an advertising campaign to appear in the first position in dedicated inserts.

Another tip that improves SEO since it is valued by Google but also to gain trust: the implementation of an SSL certificate  (offered in each web hosting offer) to secure all transactions carried out on your site and in order to provide a reliable website.

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