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We meet more and more entrepreneurs who would like to benefit from the promotional power of YouTube by uploading videos.

Many of them, however, have this fear of not succeeding in obtaining a sufficient number of views and thus reaping the fruits of their labor.

To understand how to increase the views of your videos, I spoke at length with Maxence Pezzetta from the My Little Big Web  agency .

What will videos on YouTube do for you as a business?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, be aware that posting videos on YouTube does not necessarily lead to direct customer acquisition.

It is obvious that if your local audience gets into the habit of going to your YouTube channel when they have specific questions, they will necessarily consider you in their options when it comes to making a purchase, and even more if you offer services.

Indeed, with videos, you create a link with your audience, especially if they address topics that really resonate with them.

As indicated above, the most important thing is to find the topics that will bring added value to your customers or prospects.

Even though YouTube remains an entertainment platform, more and more people seek training or information on specific products before making their choice.

What are the general precautions to take?

My advice  : if you lack inspiration, do not hesitate to research your main keywords on YouTube. Then, analyze the results that YouTube suggests.

The suggestions are not there randomly, they are based in part on the most searched terms by Internet users. Identify what interests your audience to increase your views on YouTube

Advertise on YouTube to increase reach

Just like with most social networks, the organic reach of videos is getting smaller and smaller.

If you want to increase the number of views of your videos quickly, know that it is quite possible to set up advertising campaigns on YouTube  via Google Ads.Indeed, we understand that a company buys views on YouTube in order to show that its videos are popular and thus motivate real prospects to watch the videos.

On the other hand, be aware that if you carry out this kind of practice, the videos are not actually watched and you will not get any return on investment from these fake views.

Again, I don’t really have an opinion on this practice. But it can be effective in helping you build some excitement in the beginning.

Work on your natural referencing

For example, you can work on the titles of your videos as well as the descriptions by inserting strategic keywords to help your audience find you more easily.

To do this, watch the videos well positioned on YouTube then analyze the titles, descriptions and take the time to listen to them.

If they have subtitles, put subtitles in your videos as well. And when recording, pronounce your keywords regularly, if possible from the introduction.

Encourage sharing of your videos

The first step is obviously to encourage people to share your videos when you conclude your video. We also encourage you to share your videos yourself on your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

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