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Are you the manager of a sports club or a fitness room? Using management software is an ideal solution to automate and simplify your administrative procedures : development of staff schedules, easier payroll management, monitoring of productivity ratios, centralization of documents, but also analysis of key performance indicators and optimization of communication between teams.

Of course, to take advantage of all these features, it is essential to find a powerful software. Are you hesitating between several solutions? Look no further: Combo brings you the 5 best gym software currently available on the market!

 management software

When we talk today about management software for gyms (or fitness clubs), we are referring to a multifunction digital tool , designed to automate and simplify operations relating to the operation and activity of the company: development of staff schedules , management of payroll, holidays and absences, monitoring of productivity ratios and payroll, management of orders and customers, etc.

Available on several digital media (computer, tablet, smartphone), this type of software allows you to save time when carrying out your HR procedures, while giving you the opportunity to monitor in real time (through an intuitive dashboard) the activity of your gym . The icing on the cake: it allows you to communicate quickly with your teams via the mobile application integrated into the software.

What are the features of the management software?

Management software for gyms are multifunction tools, the operation of which has been specially designed to meet the needs of fitness club managers. Thanks to their versatility and ease of use, they have many advantages for sports professionals:

Time saving for the development of your schedules, the management of the payroll of the employees and the realization of the HR documents (up to 3 times faster than without software);

Centralization of HR data and productivity ratios, allowing you to manage several establishments from a single interface;

Platform available 24/7 on all types of digital media, offering real-time monitoring of your activity, wherever you are;

Optimal communication with employees thanks to the instant messaging system available on the software tools (in particular the mobile application);

Solution perfectly adapted to the requirements set by the collective agreement which governs the activity of sports halls and clubs in France.

Top 5 management software

Now that you know why it is (very) advantageous to use a multifunction HR software, it is time to discover the platforms that offer you the most efficient services today:

The Liberfit software allows you to manage all aspects of your gym or leisure & well-being club: customer/CRM management, staff planning and online customer booking, sales/invoicing, statistics and reports… Complete, this all-in-one solution is relatively easy to use, and gives you the benefit of responsive customer service, available online 24 hours a day .

Versatile, easy to use and intuitive, the Combo staff management software appeals to managers of fitness rooms and sports clubs thanks to a wide range of features . Payroll management, schedule planning, optimized HR dashboard allowing ratio monitoring and detailed analysis of key performance indicators, digital clock, centralization of HR data and documents… The software also allows real-time communication with staff via the integrated application.

Eversports Manager

The software developed by Eversports Manager offers several features (planning and HR management, accounting operation, marketing strategy, online course management) and simple and intuitive operation . Specially designed for studios and sports halls, this solution is now popular with many demanding professionals.


Bsport has developed a versatile management software specially intended for sports activities (but not only for fitness rooms). Offering several features, it allows you to save time during your management operations, and also offers your customers a quality user experience.The little extra: with its tailor-made operating system, you only benefit from the modules you really need.

Like the 4 other software selected by our teams, the Virtuagym tool is a solution that saves you precious time in terms of HR and administrative management, but which is also capable of improving the customer experience of your subscribers. Intuitive and efficient, the modules offered with the Virtuagym software make your life easier. In addition, the platform has particularly developed the functionalities relating to the management of club members, payments and customer satisfaction

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