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If the use of a geolocation tool seems essential during a trip abroad, it is not the only type of application to have in this case: understanding and being understood by locals is just as important, and the translation applications available on Android make it possible to achieve this objective simply, and without too much effort.

They are also an excellent way to learn a foreign language , especially in terms of vocabulary. However, not all translation applications are necessarily equal, whether in terms of their completeness, the quality of their translation or the number of features they offer.

We thus come back to the best translation applications accessible on Android in 2023.

As soon as you travel internationally , or want to communicate with foreign people, language can inevitably be a real obstacle. Especially in an increasingly globalized world, where the challenges and cultures of one country can sometimes join that of another at a much faster pace than in the past, in particular thanks to the Internet. Thus, the language barrier is always a problem for anyone who only knows their native language, but this barrier can nevertheless be mitigated by the use of various tools accessible to all. Among them, the various translation applications, which simply allow you to understand and be understood, all while on the move.

Until a few years ago, these translation tools accessible to everyone were widely considered to be approximate, offering literal translations sometimes devoid of the context of the sentence or the words to be translated. As we know, translating a literary text with a style similar to the original language is a real job: it is therefore not possible to expect the same degree of subtlety and finesse from a translation application. Despite everything, in recent years, these tools have benefited from real advances, which now make it possible to offer translations that are very faithful to the original sentences.

Applications are thus increasingly intuitive and pleasant to use, especially when traveling (notably thanks to access to text-to-speech and speech-to-text). However, they do not all offer the same capabilities, whether in terms of translation quality, user friendliness or even the features offered. So, in an almost saturated market, here we come back to some of the best translation apps available on the market.

It is THE benchmark for translation apps. Google Trad has an intuitive interface for zero hassle use. Its various conversation modes (instant and offline in particular), its availability on other apps and its language voice recognition tool make it a valuable tool.

Download with your eyes closed!

Like most Google-branded services, the American giant’s translation service is easily one of the most popular. And for good reason: it is also the default application offered on all Android smartphones. But the firepower inherent in Google services is not the only reason for its success: it is also one of the best options in the field. Google Translate stands out both for the comprehensiveness of the languages ​​supported (more than a hundred), but also for the various features offered by the service.

Thus, it will be possible to use this application to translate text found online, with a much improved translation quality compared to the efforts of a few years ago. Thus, if the tool had some difficulty in grasping the context, and tended to offer translations that were too literal (and sometimes meaningless), Google Translate is now much more refined and precise in its translation process.

Google translation

Moreover, in addition to the possibility of translating handwritten text, Google Translate is an essential tool when traveling abroad, or when you want to converse with a foreign person in real time. Indeed, the tool supports text-to-speech and speech-to-text: in other words, it is possible to speak directly into the microphone of the smartphone to benefit from a handwritten translation of the conversion. And conversely, Google Translate can also output handwritten text in spoken form, to facilitate discussion in real time.

The conversation mode is easily one of the most advanced offered on the various translation applications. In addition, Google Translate offers the possibility of translating text displayed on an image, such as a road sign or a map during travels abroad for example. So there’s no doubt that this is the ultimate in mobile translation, especially since it’s a completely free service with no ads.

Reversois one of the direct competitors to Google Translation, even if it is less exhaustive in the number of languages ​​supported: it can indeed translate 14 different languages, which makes it one of the least provided services in this area. However, despite this undeniable weakness, Reverso compensates with a playful aspect of simple and fun learning. Clear and consistent in its use, the application allows you to play various games, quizzes, and even take lessons on the chosen languages.

Thus, it is more of a hybrid service than a real application whose only attraction is to offer a translation: here, the idea is to allow the user to improve his practice of languages, while providing him with an accurate and practical translation tool should he ever need it. It is also important to note that Reverso Context is accessible for free, but with advertisements. To get rid of it, a premium version available for around €5 is made available to users.

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